Rene Macalalad

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Rene Macalalad

Rene’s Hope Springs Eternal

Rene Macalalad’s hope rests on God.  He thanks and praises Him for his new trial, because now, Rene finds reason and purpose in Life: to help other Leukemia patients who are suffering the same fate, by giving strength and encouragement; and to fellow farmers (Rene being an agriculturist) to provide awareness on the dangers of using chemicals (i.e. fertilizers) on fruits and vegetables.

Rene, 25 years old, is one of the latest patients that has approached EPCALM for assistance, from far away Mulanay, Quezon Province.  Last January 2012, Rene was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML).  Coming from a financially challenged family (farmer parents), he has sought out on his own the needed finances to finance his chemo treatments.

Lost and discouraged at first as to why he was afflicted with this dreaded disease, Rene has found hope and renewed enthusiasm when he came in contact with EPCALM.  Now he is willing to help others, even while journeying with his disease.

Click link below to view Rene’s video in Youtube:

If you feel the need in your hearts or have been stirred by the Holy Spirit to help Rene, click on the donate button below and indicate Rene’s name as your beneficiary.

Let us give Rene, a new lease in his life!!!

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