Molding the Youth of Today

The youth of today is a different breed.  Gone are the toy trucks made out of tin cans, kayukok (visayan), takyan (similar to sipa), and other fun outdoor games. The “in” thing is now Facebook (of course), i-Phone, i-Pad, www, i-Pod, “i-don’t know what new gadget will come” and what else man can come up with.

It’s the generation of computers, …ahhh…. no laptops…. no, that’s passé already, it’s already the age of smart tablets.  It just seems that new things … no, toys… are being invented everyday that the 256 KB RAM generation cannot keep up with already.  So even with the latest smart phone features – wifi, bluetooth (why not blacktooth???, Viber, messenger, etc.), the older generation are still just using the old reliable texting and phone call features, and maybe a “few” game applications.  Even that is a challenge considering the failing “eyesights”.

Circumstances and experiences may be different, even with the outward appearances, but the heart and soul of the Filipino remains or should remain the same – Young or Old.  Let us not lose our identity.  Let us not lose our individuality as a Filipino race.

As such, the “older” Filipino generation should do their part in training and molding the Filipino youth of today, though we might be so busy earning a living.  Because even in our “busyness”, let us not forget to be there and live and enjoy the present with our children.

FEU NSTP Students with their Leukemia-inspired walking posters
FEU NSTP Students with their Leukemia-inspired walking posters

As such, the EPCALM Foundation aims to contribute to the building of our young Filipino’s character and sense of responsibility and accountability to the Filipino society, by urging them to give back and help in their own small ways to make a difference.  This was again realized with the latest batch of young Far Eastern  University (FEU) NSTP students who volunteered to make walking billboards and hand out brochures and give-aways during the David Cook concert held at the Araneta Coliseum last July 14, 2012.

Around 20 students went early to the concert venue and posted themselves at the entrances to do their part in creating awareness about Leukemia and the EPCALM Foundation.  Once the show started, they were treated to a night of songs by the Season 7 American Idol winner.

The five (5) students who will make the most attractive billboards will get to go and volunteer to the next DAYLY Entertainment concert where EPCALM will be the beneficiary. Seems like just fun and games, but slowly, this is the EPCALM Foundation’s way of focusing the youth to not just to think of themselves, but in the process, helping others, by doing the things that they like to do, and earn creditable NSTP hours along the way.

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