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A Moving Experience

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Far Eastern University’s (FEU) NSTP Student Group No FV1213, writes about their EPCALM immersion experience.  Read their account below: As first year students, we’re obliged to do a 16- hour immersion project. We... READ MORE

Molding the Youth of Today

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The youth of today is a different breed.  Gone are the toy trucks made out of tin cans, kayukok (visayan), takyan (similar to sipa), and other fun outdoor games. The “in” thing is... READ MORE

Leukemia Touches FEU NSTP Students

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The latest linkage that EPCALM has established is with the Far Eastern University (FEU) National Service Training Program (NSTP). The National Service Training Program, is also known as “An Act Establishing the National... READ MORE


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NAME UPDATES PRAYER REQUEST Robert De Torres 50K PCSO grant exhausted on the 1st wk of confinement. He was admitted last Aug 19 at PGH for transfusion. Needs 21 100 mg Cytarabine, Doxorubicin,... READ MORE