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Flight Delayed.  Flight delayed: a term often found at the airports, caused by various reasons, i.e. unavailable aircraft, increased airport traffic, poor weather conditions, etc.  Flight delays most often cause inconvenience on the part of the passengers due to missed plans and schedules, whether business-related or personal.  Paulo found his “life flight” being delayed by a discovery at the hospital.

Paulo Luces, 28 year old engineer, was diagnosed with AML (Acute Myelogenous Leukemia) in December 2010, and his personal “life flight” has never been the same.   Since diagnosis, Paolo has been through 2 rounds of chemotherapy through February 2011 at the Makati Medical Center. Regular blood tests have all shown Paulo to be nearly normal since June 2011. Since February 2011, he has had 4 bone marrow biopsies, the last one being in November 2011, showing the absence of cancerous Leukemia cells.

Truly we must consider Paolo’s physical victory during those months.Paolo 1 Paolo 4 Leukemia has a way of lingering though. Paulo started showing the need for more treatment in December 2011, and was admitted for more chemotherapy in January 2012, only some weeks before he and his siblings planned to fly back to see their parents in their home province of Aklan.

Paolo was working as a lineman for Monolith Construction and Development Corporation at Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City when he got diagnosed. He is the 2nd boy in a family with 5 siblings. He thoroughly enjoys music and shares that passion with most of his siblings.  He plays the guitar, bass, drums, and probably even sings. Many of his family members (siblings and cousins) live in Makati or near Manila and have been a strong support system for him indeed.

Paolo 3Filipino family bonds are strongest in times of true need, especially when one family member is sick.  The family  support system though goes only so far without the help from others, especially when battling against Leukemia, which drains the patient and family members financially, physically, mentally and spiritually.

This is why EPCALM was contacted. This is why EPCALM exists. EPCALM does its part in providing assistance to those who are not always sure of getting any help outside of the family.  EPCALM tries its best to assure Leukemia patients and their families, that there is always hope. I pray that this knowledge gleaned by whoever shall read this article will do his or her part, wherever and whenever a part needs to be filled.  There is a need for continued awareness, a need for those who can help to be aware and act in helping others. God truly gives generously to those who also give generously to others.

EPCALM asks you to help shine with us the hope that we want to impart to Leukemia patients and their families. While understandably irritated  and inconvenienced by the sudden back and forth changes in his physical condition and “life flight” delays, Paulo has hope.

Just last March 1st, four (4) days prior to his 28th birthday, Paolo has been tested and advised to undergo another round of chemotherapy, though his blood counts are relatively okay. May God’s healing that is intended for His children come swiftly to this young man. While accepting the unstable and uncertain illness that he has been dealt with, Paolo and his sister Michelle optimistically tell me they hope for his total medical healing and clearance to go back to their parents, maybe in a couple months. It just begs the reader to think to his or her self, “…Can I do anything to help him catch that flight?…” Paolo Luces

Peace and love to all near and far from friend and servant,


By:  Lukas A. Nelson

Warrior of EPCALM,  friend and  servant

March 7, 2012 5:53:33 AM

Postscript:  Paolo joined our Maker last April 2014.

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