Rovil’s Miracle For The Day

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13339445_10207443359855698_5171786959076089587_nRovil Villas, a 22 year old newly registered nurse from Angono, Rizal, was first diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) in May of 2012. She is one of the eleven leukemia patients currently under the care and support of EPCALM. She became a member of the Foundation in October of 2012, having learned about EPCALM through a friend who is also afflicted with leukemia and is a Foundation member herself.

From the time of diagnosis to December of the same year, Rovil has had 4 cycles of chemotherapy treatment and 8 intrathecal chemo treatments. Somehow these series of treatments has made Rovil anticipate positive developments in her condition in the days to come. But barely a month after her last treatment, Rovil experienced a relapse in January 5, 2013 and to date, is still confined at the VRP Medical Center.

Disappointed and very saddened, she is again back to her fearful and pained state. Rovil’s worries are not limited to herself alone, but she worries also that her family, especially her parents and sister, are in a continued state of stress in caring for her and in finding resources to support her treatments. Mercy Villas, Rovil’s mom, has never ceased praying for her daughter’s health and for the provisions that they, as a family need as they journey through this crisis. She makes all efforts to be strong for every member of the family, especially for Rovil. The strength of her faith in the Lord has led her to look forward and count miracles by the day.

Tearfully, she related to the EPCALM Representative, who visited Rovil at the hospital last Monday, January 8, this story : “When you called me up this morning asking if Rovil was allowed visitors in the room and to whom the check from EPCALM should be named, I thanked the Lord. Right away I called up my sister and said, “We already have our miracle for today!”.

Might you consider being Rovil’s miracle for the day?

Postscript:  Rovil joined our Maker last April 2013.

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