LK Joins EPCALM as Honorary Chair

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DR. LOREZO KU joins EPCALM as Honorary Chairman of the BoardDR. LOREZO KU joins EPCALM as Honorary Chairman of the Board

MAKATI CITY, May 19,2012 – Dr. Lorenzo Ku was welcomed and installed as Honorary Chairman of the Board at the Elk’s Club Corinthian Plaza in simple yet meaningful ceremony led by EPCALM Board of Trustees and the Ministries Advisory Council (MAC)  – present, Dr. Priscilla Caguioa, Carminda Regala, Mitchell Duran, Rayna Lynn Roxas, Emma Panaguiton, Pastor Norma Manuel), EPCALM president and CEO Justice Z. Demerre and EPCALM founder and chairman of the Board Dr. Erlyn Demerre.  The special evening started with a casual introduction of the EPCALM Board and the MAC to Dr. Ku who was accompanied by his nephew Sunny Ku. This led to casual getting to know conversations that made each one present comfortable with each other knowing that a common bond towards building a path of integrity and service for others was established.  EPCALM staff, patients and their families joined in for a formal dinner honoring chairman Ku.

During the event, three of EPCALM patients namely, cardiologist Dr. Johnel Candava, Ear Nose Throat surgeon  Dr. Sarah Moral and Anna Carmela Kho shared their testimony of God’s faithfulness and provision through their journey with the dreaded disease. Each of them exuded joy and peace in knowing that the Almighty God is in control of all things and that EPCALM has helped them through many aspects of their journey.

After their testimony, EPCALM supporter Mrs.  Emma Demerre handed gifts of accessories to them which she created herself. EPCALM spiritual director Mitchell Duran serenaded the patients and guests with his rendition of “As the Deer” which affirmed EPCALM’s declaration of faith to the Almighty.

EPCALM president Justice Demerre reiterated EPCALM’s mission and vision and for the first time shared the beginning sketches of what would be the EPCALM Center which was designed by Architect Manny Almagro.


Dr. Lorenzo Ku, Founder of LK global is an icon of the deep commitment and friendship between China and the Philippines.  In the 1970’s he was founding Chairman of the Association for the Philippine China Understanding, the goal of which was to promote friendship and culture between the two countries.

LK GLOBAL’s history began in 1963 as Mr. Lorenzo Ku, a second generation overseas chinese in the Philippines invested in the Textile and Garment Industries. Through the years it has evolved into a company with different interests. LK GLOBAL’s history began in 1963 as Mr. Lorenzo Ku, a second generation overseas chinese in the Philippines invested in the Textile and Garment Industries. Through the years it has evolved into a company with different interests. Last June 9, 2011, Ku was honored for 50 years of bridge building between the Philippines and China as he championed Philippine China diplomatic relations and opened friendship, trade and exchange of cultures between both countries.  This relationship has flourished through the years and Dr. Ku continues to show a deep commitment and active involvement in the improved China relations in the 21st century.

Dr. Ku has many accolades to his name, rubbing shoulders with the Country’s presidents and who’s who yet a deeper look into his life shows a humble man with a soft spot for the sick Filipino.  About 8 years ago, Dr. Ku aided in the treatment of a Filipino leukemic patient  for whom Filipino doctors gave up all hope for cure and declared a hopeless case.  Dr. Ku’s heart was moved by this lady’s case so he offered to bring the patient and her mother to China so she can be treated, all expenses paid by Ku. For one whole year, Dr. Ku made monthly visits to China while the patient received treatment. This is indeed a sincere measure of Dr. Ku’s immeasurable generosity. What Dr. Ku did 8 years ago is definitely prophetic of what he would mean to every Filipino leukemic patient of today as Dr. Ku now sits as Honorary Chairman of the Board for EPCALM Adult Leukemia Foundation of the Philippines, Inc.

Indeed, another vital knot tied for China-Philippine relations. EPCALM Founder and Chairman of the Board Dr. Erlyn Cabanag-Demerre did not hesitate to accept Dr.Ku’s sincere desire to be a part of EPCALM to help every patient that it would be called to serve. This relationship started when Dr. Ku visited Chairman Demerre’s clinic on June 3. 2011.  Having known Dr. Ku as a patient for years, Demerre immediately noticed an emergency situation and hence advised urgent medical care for Ku.  Without delay Dr. Ku was admitted at the St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City and underwent emergency brain surgery to take out a clot that was fast causing increase pressure and deterioration of Ku’s mental and physical capacities.

As soon as he was awake in the critical care unit, Dr. Ku’s first concern after thanking God and the doctors for his recovery was the much awaited China Philippine event to be held at the Le Pavillion, Pasay City on June 9. Recognizing that his physical state would definitely not allow him to attend the event and not wanting to disappoint the guests especially the Chinese nationals arriving for this momentous occasion, he asked his doctor, Demerre to attend the event and explain to the guests why he could not attend. No physical handicap could weaken Ku’s heart for helping others.  Barely 48 hours from his surgery, Ku intimated to Demerre how he helped a Filipino Leukemia patient get proper treatment in China.

Of all his charities, Ku had to pick the one that just hit the core of Demerre’s passion and calling embodied in the mission of EPCALM Adult  Leukemia Foundation which she founded.  As soon as Ku finished relating his story about the Filipino leukemic treated in China, Demerre  found it in her heart to share EPCALM’s mission and vision and there and then in the confines of the neurology critical care unit, Dr. Ku embraced EPCALM’s heart for the Philippines. Demerre was thus invited to speak on June 9, 2011 about EPCALM to honored guests at the Le Pavillion. Filipino business associates and China foreign minister and diplomats were among the listeners. Immediately after Demerre’s extemporaneous presentation of EPCALM, a Chinese supporter stepped up to promise medicines for 10 children for 5 years.

Today, Dr. Ku is back to doing what he does best as a vital force in the business arena. “We are here to partner with EPCALM, we do business with a heart.” exclaimed Ku. Now Sunny Ku, nephew or Dr.Lorenzo Ku has personified this commitment as EPCALM’s resource mobilization head. Dr. Lorenzo Ku is currently the Honorary Trade Representative of the Philippine Department of Trade to China with the goal of promoting quality investments and trade between Philippines and China.

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