Updates and Prayer Requests – Aug. 24, 2015

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Robert De Torres 50K PCSO grant exhausted on the 1st wk of confinement. He was admitted last Aug 19 at PGH for transfusion. Needs 21 100 mg Cytarabine, Doxorubicin, Metoclopramide 10mg, fluconazole 200 mg, nystatin 1.2Mu/bot.Chemo starts on Wed., Aug 26. For moral spiritual strength.For Financial/ Medical assistance as the 50K grant from PCSO was already exhausted.
Ermin Jed Apolonio Got a pledge from Lopez family for his BMA. Plans to do a cake raffle. Had his check up last Aug 14, needs to undergo BMA. For financial provision to sustain his medical needs and educational needs of the kids. For the lump found on his wife’s throat be nothing to worry about.
Ma. Rita Frias Needs tremendous spiritual and moral boost. Needs voriconazole, meropenem and vancomycin.Would undergo CT scan. For immediate Chemo. Left ear can hear. Admitted at USTH. For her to gain emotional and physical strength to endure medical procedures. For her to decide to go on with Chemo protocol.
Alvin Desosa Needs support morally and spiritually as his family are already giving up on his medications. Needs Levofloxacin For financial provision to cover his medical expenses. For his family to support him all the way.
Jose Maria Marjohn Batan Needs financial support to augment his medical needs. His mother has a Stage 4 Nasopharyngeal cancer. Given vincristine one week advance of chemo sched. Prednisone couldn’t handle his blasts. Leunase chemo to start today for 4x a week. Admitted at PGH. For his body to respond positively to his chemo sessions.
Alden Gagola Needs financial support for his post – bmt maintenance medications and laboratory exams. For PCSO to approve the request for financial assistance
Leonie Ayuban Needs finances to cover daily sustenance. Needs to find a new place to stay. To be able to land a job; For the continuous improvement of her relationship with her husband; To gain access to Novartis oncology medicine
CAE* Currently admitted to a hospital, for chemotherapy. For her  body to response positively to chemotherapy.
George Lee Chuy Will undergo another flag – ida.Needs fludarabine 50Mg For his BMT to finally materialize. For him to regain remission status.
Rose Erlyn dela Cruz Plans on holding a Bingo Bonanza in Tambo, Parañaque. Asking for assistance. Presently confined at PGH. Was admitted last Aug 1 due to pneumonia. Was transfused AB+ red blood cells. For financial provision to cover the family’s daily needs including her medical treatment
Benjamin Melo Was visited by RSW and pastor Norma. Was discharged at SLMC – QC last Aug 4. For his fast recovery.
Dr. Mario Panaligan For BMT on Sept 7. For possible admission at SLMC on Aug 27 for conditioning. For successful and easy transplant
Tracy Joy Enriquez Donated Meropenem to EPCALM which was given to Ermin Jed. Developed allergy to certain foods. To gain spontaneous remission and be totally cancer free
For Continuous Recovery:
Eden Montemayor
Dr. Catherine M. Beltran 
Dr. Sarah Moral
Consuelo Bulos
Dra. Maria Ella Cabanlet
Dr. Johnel Candava
Dr. Nora Flandes
Rene Macalalad
Teresita Desquitado


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