Understanding Grief 3 (UG3) – Teen Grief

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Background and Overview

The youth population in the Philippines has been increasing. Latest available figures estimate Filipino youth at 19.2 million. Of this number, 10.3 million are aged 15-19 years, and about 9 million are in the 20-24 year age group.

Grief is an internal experience of thoughts and feelings brought about by physical loss and or death. Other teenagers, on the other hand, have terminal illness and are confronted with eminent death as well as separation from the family. In the Philippines, families experience grief all the same time when a disaster such as typhoon, flood and earthquake happens.

It is also worth noting that the suicide rate among Filipinos has gone up in the last 21 years, with majority of the cases involving young people aged 24 years old and below, according to studies, and figures culled from the National Statistics Office.

General Conference Objective

The Conference-Workshop seeks to capture and better understand real-life grief experiences of Filipino adolescents and youth to create deeper awareness of what they go through. It endeavors to come up with insights on contributory factors that lead to grief among the young, and more importantly, present some techniques and intervention strategies that participants can utilize to facilitate self-recovery, healing and empowering of adolescent/s undergoing grief.

As the Conference purposively adopts a holistic approach to understanding grief among adolescents, the Resource Speakers will focus on (i) understanding adolescent mind; (ii) Filipino adolescent grief experience; (iv) adolescent bereavement; (v) coping with grief, (vi) intervention strategies for adolescent at risk of suicide, and (vii) crisis intervention for adolescent when grief is massive

The two day Conference (September 8 & 9) is especially designed for school administrators, guidance counselors, social workers, medical professional parents, youth organizations, and related support groups, among others. A separate Conference is also being planned for Teens on September 12.

The Conference sessions are designed to be interactive, for plenary presentations and in break-out groups. The following presentation methodologies will be employed:
1. presentation and discussion
2. interactive activities and or structured learning experience

At the conclusion of the conference, attendees will:
1. Be more comfortable and confident in discussing the topic of grief
2. Have an increased understanding of issues that contribute to stress among adolescents
3. Identify a number of signs that suggest suicidal thoughts and behaviors.
4. Be more capable of tailoring methods of support to individual clients
5. Be able to return to one’s organization with additional tools to help others cope
with grief

For our conference, we endeavor to bring together experts who will discuss their respective competencies from a clinical, spiritual and legal perspective, as well as feature emerging approaches and therapies to deal/cope with the present-day problems of our youth. We plan to hold this on 8-9 September (for adults) and 12 September (for teens) at the Henry Sy Sr. Auditorium, 5th Floor, St. Luke’s Medical Centre- Bonifacio Global City.

Details as follows:

Understanding Grief 3 – Teen Grief

The seminar modules have been specially designed for a wide variety of health care providers, social workers, counselors, church workers, parents, youths/leaders and development workers from government and non-government organizations.
By being involved in this seminar, you will equip your staff and personnel to help people in your institution who are seeking to understand the grief process, especially those experienced by the youth/teens.

Venue : Henry Sy, Sr. Auditorium, SLMC-BGC
Date : September 8-9, 2015
Time : 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Main Speaker: Dr. Robert Baugher, Co-Founder and Program Director of Grief Works- USA
Inspirational Speaker: Mr. Boy Abunda, broadcaster /celebrity and Honorary Board Member of EPCALM

Topics are as follows:

The Many Sides of Grief
The Experience of Grief in Filipino Adolescent
Understanding the Mind of the Adolescent
The Complex World of Adolescent Bereavement
The Psychosocial Impact of a Child’s Death
The Trauma of Grief and Loss Among Teens
Intervention Strategies for Adolescents at Risk for Suicide
“Teens’ Rights and Wrongs”
Coping with Grief – Art and Play Therapy Healing Modality & Music Therapy Healing Modality
The Art of Listening to an Adolescent

Understanding Grief 3 – “Living Our Loss” Teen Grief Session (especially for Teens)

The one day session will provide the atmosphere where teens can explore, recognize and learn ways to express feelings related to grief. The activities in each session are designed to be interactive. LIVING OUR LOSS will specifically facilitate the understanding of the grief experience among teens so that they can


Identify causes of grief
Acknowledge feelings of teen related to grief
Express feelings related to grief
Learn healthy ways of communicating feelings related to grief
Show creative ways to externalize the ongoing love connections to cherish the memory of a loved one that has died
Main Speaker: Bob Baugher (Tito Bob)
LOL Facilitating Team: EPCALM Volunteers

Venue : Henry Sy, Sr. Auditorium, SLMC-BGC
Date : September 12, 2015
Time : 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Main Speaker: Dr. Robert Baugher (Tito Bob)
LOL Facilitating Team: EPCALM Volunteers

More details to follow later.

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