Tara Enrile: Miracles Do Come True

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Tara \t(a)-ra\ as stated in www.thinkbabynames.com as a girl’s name is pronounced TAH-rah. It is of Gaelic and Sanskrit origin, and the meaning of Tara is “hill; star”.  Tara in wikipedia is also a goddess in various religions.

For EPCALM, Tara is Tara Enrile, 34, a mother of a lovely 4-year old daughter, Kara, and who is an Overseas Foreign Worker (OFW) based in Ichinomiya-shi, Aichi, Japan. Tara’s story and leukemia journey is that of Faith, Hope and Love (as this is Tara’s Facebook bulletin, when talking about latest updates to her disease), after having been diagnosed since January 2012.  Tara’s current faith journey is a source of hope, strength and inspiration for all the other patients and their families who are going through similar circumstances.

Please see Tara’s latest (December 2013) Facebook posts, on the latest miracle that she has experienced in her faith journey, as she prepares herself for a Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT)/Cord Blood Transplant (CBT) procedure in the very near future:

“……This is the long overdue story of my Cord Blood Transplant (CBT) blessing.

CBT wasn’t possible for me because of weight issues. In April, I was told to lose 20 kgs. I lost some weight over time but then in September, I was told to lose 15 kgs some more. And in October, another 15 kgs. (And I needed to eat., but could not exercise). How do I do that???

Finding my matched Bone Marrow (BM) in Japan’s BM partner countries was very difficult. I have mixed blood. Finding a match isn’t easy. I was told If the last possible BM donor in the US was negative, I’d have to find my donor by myself. How do I do that???

But then in November, my transplant doctor went to the US for another patient. But he said he always had me in his mind. In Minneapolis, he used some of his BM bank connections to search (for) my Cord blood match. And they found it right away. Not one, but 2! Without me having to lose 50kgs first (Japan’s condition)! ( But I cannot gain weight!)

CBT will be done immediately…if all three conditions are met:

  1. My organs must all be good.(I must be in complete remission)
  2. The cord blood is available.
  3. I can pay all the costs.

8 months ago, all these were NOT available for me.

I was not in remission, I had no donor, And there was a financial challenge.

That is all clear at present.

Now, how did God do that??? :))

After I found out about my CBT news, responsibility shifted right away to my transplant doctors in Nagoya Red Cross Hospital(NRCH)(and not my Ichinomiya Hospital anymore).

On my last outpatient check up with my Ichinomiya head hematologist, Dr. K told me :

“…You might have to wait a little more for the CBT. (Why?) Because Dr. M(from Nagoya RCH) needs to get a lot of paperwork done from Japan’s Department of Health and Bureau of Customs and other government agencies….”

“Why is Japan government involved in this?”

“….Tara-San, you are the first case of CBT in Japan from a foreign donor. This has never been done before. It takes a lot of paperwork to get so many permits but please be assured that we are all doing our best. Dr M is a very busy doctor but he took special interest in your case….”

Yes, apparently, I am the first case of CBT in my transplant hospital…and apparently in Japan.
Media is waiting to cover it. Newspaper companies from Japan & the Philippines are in line. I see my doctors working really hard. These are doctors who could just have easily told me off.

“….Youre a complicated case. We can’t do anything. Find another way….”

But, they didn’t. And they told me instead “…It is very difficult, but it’s not impossible….”

Months ago, someone once told me “…Your sickness isn’t really rare. A lot of other people have worse. You are a foreigner in this country & a single mom (and there are a lot more like that)….”… But God has touched so many people’s hearts… To make my miracle come true.


I don’t know.

But there are some things I know from all that I’ve experienced in the last 23 months..

I know I’m in good Hands. I’m in the best Hands.
I know God’s abundance & unending generosity.
I know Faith that could move mountains.
I know of Love that makes way for miracles.

And I know that God can amaze me beyond what I can Hope for….”

Yes Tara, God answers prayers and miracles do come true.  We are praying for the continued fulfillment of your leukemia miracle, through seeing you totally healed from the disease. Miracles are inexplicable and extraordinary events when measured or gauged through human science and knowledge, but is a normal occurrence for those who trust in HIM.   Our God is an all-knowing God, who has laid out our life in full here on this earth even before we were born.  The greatest miracle that God has given you is Kara, who is now your source of pride, joy, inspiration and center of attention, in the midst of all the physical trials that you are experiencing/has experienced.  He has given you a gift that nobody else could give. Continue to draw strength from Kara, and together, with prayers and continued support from family and friends through God’s hand, you will overcome!!!!

Let us continue to pray for Tara and Kara as they go through their faith journey.

Postscript:  Tara joined our Maker last May 2015.


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