EPCALM Prayer Requests – March 4, 2017

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EPCALM Prayers

Please pray for the success for EPCALM activities:
March 16, 2017 Bloodletting Drive at Barangay Hall, Pembo, Makati
April 8, 2017 Family Huddle at St. Luke’s Medical Center E. Rodriguez Ave., Q.C.
April 22, 2017 Fun Run at Malvar, Batangas for patient Esperanza Alaurin
– For grant of appointment and request from Gen. Glorioso Miranda, Gen. Ronald Dela Rosa, President of Barangay Chairmen Arman Padilla, PGH Regional Director Dr. Gerardo Legaspi and Mayor of Malvar, Batangas

Pray for the EPCALM patients who experiencing difficulties in their journey:

  1. Henson Hernandez 20 yrs. old
  2. Adrian Apresto 35 yrs. old
  3. Gilbert Bayan 25 yrs. old
  4. Exequiel Matthew Fredeluces 19 yrs. Old

Pray for successfully chemotherapy of EPCALM Patients:

  1. Cristian De la Cruz 22 yrs. old
  2. Remalyn Venancio 25 yrs. old
  3. Elaine Begrado 18 yrs. old
  4. Alvin Lopez 24 yrs. old
  5. Carl Edith Andoy 20 yrs. old
  6. Glenda Guzman 44 yrs. old
  7. Melvin Magboo 55 yrs. old
  8. Necifora Melecio 41 yrs. Old
  9. Esperanza Alaurin 53 yrs. Old

Pray for continued protection, good health and positive treatment results for patients who are on maintenance medicines and Post BMT

  1. Rizz Ann Perlado
  2. Ian Cantimbuhan
  3. Joy Baiya
  4. Jose Marie Agustin
  5. Kay Ann Indionco
  6. Johnell Candava
  7. Mario Panaligan
  8. Rene Macalalad
  9. Socorro De Leon
  10. Mia Mae De los Santos
  11. Thea Silvana De Leon
  12. Mary Joy Patilan
  13. Kenneth Lawrence Paet
  14. Catherine Beltran
  15. Ma. Ella Cabanlet
  16. Nora Flandes
  17. George L. Chuy
  18. Neico Bandala
  19. Teresita Desquitado
  20. Jasper Rey Lopez
  21. Tracy Joy Enriquez

Pray for New EPCALM patients who need Spiritual, Medical and/or Financial Assistance:

  1. Odriel Lazaro 18 yrs. old
  2. Nichole Jason Gatpandan
  3. Joseph Tabuena Ramirez 16 yrs. old
  4. Gabino Canas 57 yrs. Old from Leyte
  5. Angelique Suha
  6. Rovelle Mundog Arat
  7. Yusop Jala



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