New Hope, New Beginning – Kristine Balmes

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Registration Booth
Registration Booth

Losing someone dear to you is never easy. Losing someone whom you knew you can lose anytime isn’t easier at all. But losing someone you thought was doing well despite having an illness is a very shocking experience.

When I heard the news that our dear batchmate, Engr. Glenn S. Mayo passed away last February 4, I was in total shock. It took me a few hours before I realized that it really did happen. I was in disbelief and denial because I have spent the week before he passed away admiring him of his strength and courage to fight leukemia. Losing Glenn didn’t stop our batch from pursuing our goal to help his family despite him being gone. We pushed through with our planned fun run for him but we decided to give the proceeds to his wife and kids instead.

The date was February 19, 2011. We started setting up everything necessary for the fun run as early as two in the morning. Volunteers from the batch, EPCALM, sponsors, PNP, Traffic Division and Barangay Tanods, helped make the route ready for the runners. By 5:00am, the registration booth opened for on-site registrants. The program started a little over 6:00am.

Dr. Erlyn Demerre, EPCALM Chairman
Dr. Erlyn Demerre, EPCALM Chairman

The opening prayer as well as a short inspiring message was given by Dr. Erlyn Demerre, EPCALM Chairman.

Batangas Councillor Claudette Ambida
Batangas Councillor Claudette Ambida

A very lively opening remarks was delivered by Batangas City Councilor Claudette Ambida.  She is the author of the Resolution supporting the Fun Run for Engr. Glenn Mayo.

The countdown for the 5K runners started after the National Anthem. There was a short delay with the countdown for the 3K runners because of the large number of registrants still wanting to join the fun run and are still at the registration booths.

There were about 600 runners who joined the fun run from the almost 1,000 registrants. The winners for the 5K Men’s and Women’s Division as well as the 3K Men’s and Women’s Division were awarded following the very heartfelt message of the widow of Engr. Glenn Mayo.

EPCALM Spiritual Director Pastor Norma Manuel
EPCALM Spiritual Director Pastor Norma Manuel

A closing remarks/prayer was given by EPCALM Spiritual Director, Pastora Norma Manuel.

The Fun Run wouldn’t be a success without the help of the EPCALM Foundation,our sponsors – Mekeni Hotdog, Milo, San Miguel, Gatorade (Pepsi), McDonald’s, Citimart Department Store, Barangay Captain Arthur Blanco, City Councilor Isay Macaraig, Ms. Iris Silang, the Macatangay family, and our batchmates who helped raised funds, promote the fun run, volunteered or joined the fun run and donated time and money for the fun run.


EPCALM Give-aways
EPCALM Give-aways

Now that the Fun Run is over, our batch, St. Bridget College Grade School ’88, is in high spirits. We have raised enough money to help the family of our dear friend and batchmate. We have as well helped his wife, Menchie, raise their four children in our own little way. I believe that there is a new sense of hope and beginning for Glenn’s family. And for us, his batchmates, we have never felt more satisfied and glad of our accomplishment of helping Glenn’s family.

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I know Glenn is in the loving arms of our Lord now. And he is constantly watching over his family and all of us dear to him. And even though he may not be physically present during the Fun Run, Glenn is happily watching over us ever step of the way. Glenn, you will be missed by all of us. You have been a true source of inspiration. Let your light continue to shine and empower each one of us.

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Goodbye, my friend! We will miss you a lot.




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