Karen Pajarillaga and Roni Jr. through EPCALM are Featured in SPIRIT 105.3 FM

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th-14We just wanted to share with you the wonderful and inspiring words that Mr. Tim Moore shared with SPIRIT 105.3 FM. Thanks, Tim!

“…Scott what a birthday gift from our Father.  I want to begin by saying how inspiring and praying your station is and how outreaching you all give.  Its what GOD commissioned us all to do, some of us do some do not. I’m so thankful you are the ones who do. As for my work of love for my LORD, its been anything but easy.  I see death on a daily basis . 

But ONE thing keeps me going is my ability to testify and lead the last walk of the patients to CHRIST’s waiting arms. I pray diligently knowing and believing GOD will supply my needs and their needs.  He promises us in HIS word and I LIVE my meek life in that promise.  Cancer is such a debilitating and demoralizing disease to watch.  A human being full of life diminish to skeletal remains in front of your loved ones eyes. 

I get to witness to the patient and their families which are spread out all over the Philippines.  Even My partner in business is riddled with a brain tumor in the Tacoma area.  He isn’t a believer but I pray daily over GOD s desire to bring him home to HIS KINGDOM as a child of HIS. SO you see when GOD calls us to be a witness HE includes everything, not just the parts you want. YOU give HIM YOUR ALL or none.  GOD is a selfish GOD and HE demands us to give our all in everything.  HE leads us for HIS GLORY for without HIS GLORY we are nothing.

I am a president of a company in Tacoma and chose to let my ailing partner run the entire company so I could do what GOD has called me to do and that is to be here. I left it all to come to it all. Roni.jr is a gift touched by GOD s loving hands. Roni Jr. is fighting still but when he tells others of Jesus and him, its a testimony that touches all whose ears hear his tender words. I am now working with Karen, a 33 yrs. old single vibrant lady whose life is being altered daily. She has been diagnosed with leukemia. Please see her story on EPCALM.org website.

We are a handful of 7 people working with very little money but are making a difference because of GOD’s promise if we do it in HIS name HE will honor and bless our work for HIM. I hope you all will pray daily for GOD’s will here in the Philippines.  GOD is ALIVE and WELL in this country of many islands. We are stretched thin but GOD s GRACE continues to be enough. What will you do when GOD calls YOU ? LISTEN! He s calling all of us in some way…..”

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