600 Tara! Runners

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Of the almost 1,000 registrants, 600 ran during the event.  See pictures below of the memorable event: Registration booth Registering to Run Waiting for the others to arrive    

A Run To Remember

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So early in the morning; eyes straining for light; many of those present operating on very little sleep… and yet, you could feel the excitement in the air, coupled with the sense of preparation and readiness for the event. The … Continued

While I Was Sleeping – Sarah Moral

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  I had status epilepticus: a life-threatening condition in which the brain is in a state of persistent seizures. Definitions vary but this condition has always been considered a medical emergency with continuous or recurrent seizures causing the loss of consciousness. I was intubated.  … Continued

EPCALM explores areas of collaboration with NCI

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The National Cancer Institute (NCI) an agency attached to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) under the United States Department of Health and Human Services based in Bethesda, Maryland, USA, is the world’s largest organization dedicated solely to cancer research. … Continued

EPCALM Valentine’s Mug

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Choose a valentine gift that will last a lifetime.  EPCALM MUGS are available for PURCHASE at the EPCALM Office. With each item that you purchase, you help bridge the lives of the afflicted into wellness.  Call (632) 7231058 for your orders. … Continued

EPCALM Brings Christmas Joy

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It was an overcast day on December 17, 2011 with occasional rain showers but the skies lighted up with heaven’s approval as the second floor assembly hall of the National City United Church (NCUC) at  96 Times St., West Triangle, … Continued

Glenn Mayo

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Glenn Mayo is a 36 year old OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) who has been diagnosed with meningitis and AML (Acute Myelogenous Leukemia) for well over a year now.  Only this December did a close friend find and connect with EPCALM … Continued

EPCALM Christmas Party

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Greetings to one and ALL!!! For the first time in the six year history of the EPCALM Adult Leukemia Foundation of the Philippines, patients and their loved ones will be praising God together with the EPCALM staff, Choir and volunteers … Continued

Christmas Cards For A Cause

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Let’s celebrate the love and joy of the Yuletide season through the sharing of EPCALM Christmas cards, designed to support victims of leukemia through the various services of the Foundation. The EPCALM CHRISTMAS CARD 2011 edition is a simple yet … Continued