Batangas City’s Support for the “Run For Glenn” Event

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Prior to the holding of the benefit fun run entitled “Tara! Run For Glenn Mayo”, the Batangas City council passed a resolution supporting the activity last February 6, 2012. Reprinted hereunder is a copy of said resolution:

Batangas City Sagguniang Bayan seal




RESOLUTION NO. ________S.2012




WHEREAS, stated in Local Government Code in Declaration of Policy, the participation of private sector in local governance shall be encouraged to ensure the viability of local autonomy as an alternative strategy for sustainable development.

WHEREAS, stated Sec. 16 of the Local Government Code, Local Government Units shall ensure and support, among other things the right of people to improve public morals.

WHEREAS, stated under Sec 36 of the Local Government Code, a Local Government Unit may, through its local chief executive  and with the concurrence of the Sanggunian concerned, provide assistance to such people’s  and non governmental organizations for economic, socially oriented projects or activities to be implemented within its territorial jurisdiction.

WHEREAS, it is a known fact that Leukemia is a killer. It ranks fifth in the overall killer disease in the Philippines, according to the Department of Health. And not surprisingly so, since Leukemia is actually a cancer of the bone marrow, where blood cells are formed.

WHEREAS, many Filipinos have been diagnosed with Leukemia and has very little survival rate due to lack of financial or even emotional assistance that could somehow help them recover or at least lessen the pain they are experiencing.


WHEREAS,  a concrete example of a patient battling against Leukemia is a fellow Batangueno,Mr.Glenn Mayo,  a 36 year old OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) who has been diagnosed with meningitis and AML (Acute Myelogenous Leukemia) for well over a year now.  Glenn’s wife, Menchie, works in a payroll office with 3 sons and 1 daughter.  Working on a job in the Middle East around hazardous waste and materials was the beginning of signs of threatening ailments.

WHEREAS, the organizers of the benefit run includes EPCALM, an Adult Leukemia Foundation of the Philippines who helps Leukemia patients by assisting them with their needs and aims to be a vehicle through which patients afflicted with leukemia will experience God’s love and faithfulness and Batch 88 of the Grade School of Saint Bridgets College wanted to help the patient Mr. Glenn Mayo and his family through a benefit run on February 19,2012.

WHEREAS, this kind of event or fund raising activity has been launched in other places in our country that became successful and supported by their constituents and hoping that the same will happen to this activity through the usual support if Batanguenos..

WHEREAS, the proceeds of this project will be given to the family of Glenn Mayo who has currently undergone the second round of his chemotherapy but unfortunately died last Feb 4,2012. The support that fellow Batangueno will give in this project will mean a lot to  his family.

WHEREAS, the school where Mr. Glenn Mayo graduated his elementary level, Saint Bridgets College is celebrating its centennial year this 2013 and supporting the benefit run could be a major part of their celebration by encouraging their students to participate on the said event.

WHEREAS, through this benefit run we are not just merely helping one person in the identity of Mr. Glenn Mayo but we are also helping disseminate information against Leukemia and somehow giving hope to all patients that there is still hope in their recovery. When given the best care available today, majority of patients with leukemia can be cured.

WHEREAS, the participation of students,city officials, government employees and other constituent of Batangas City will be a remarkable leap in our social, moral and emotional obligation to or fellow Batangueno.

NOW THEREFORE, be it resolved, it hereby resolves to support the Benefit Run Against Leukemia particularly to our fellow Batangueno, Glenn Mayo.

Resolved further that copies of this resolution be furnished to the Office of the City Mayor, City Health Office, City Social Welfare and Development Office, other Department of the City Government, Provincial Capitol of Batangas, Schools, Colleges and Universities like Saint Bridgets College and University of Batangas where Mr. Glenn Mayo is an alumnus , Civic Organizations, Car Groups that has large number of  members, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of the Philippines that is actively participating in these kind of activities, Private Sectors and Companies that can serve as sponsors for the event like Malls and Shopping centers.

Approved, February 6, 2012


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