The Meaning of Holy Week

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  EPCALM Spiritual Ministry Director Mitch Duran shares his Holy Week Reflection about the Meaning of Holy Week during the regular EPCALM Prayer Cell last March 27, 2013.  Please see the whole reflection delivered during that session:   THE MEANING … Continued

Rommel Mauricio – Help Save Our Dad!

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  Help Save Our Dad! is the battle cry of Rommel Mauricio’s family – Wife Annie (36); and children; Mhelannie (13); Riza Angela (11); and Princess Anne (8),  as they journey with their father, Rommel, 35, who was recently diagnosed … Continued

Against My Leukemia – Ella

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Successful Leukemia traveller – Maria Ella Cabanlet, who journeyed through the disease the past two years and came out victorious, recently spoke in front of Leukemia patients, patient relatives, EPCALM volunteers and staff, and invited guests for an EPCALM-sponsored event … Continued

Rene says “I Am Willing”

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Leukemia patient Rene Macalalad visited the EPCALM office recently to say thanks for all the help that the Foundation has afforded him during his chemo treatment period the last few months. Rene is now in remission and is ready and … Continued

The Road to Four Million

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  I feel like I am in “de- ja- vu”. I had this same experience during my first cycle of chemotherapy, only now, the “roasting” is a lot worst than before. I feel like I am under the desert sun … Continued


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  I have tried so many times to write everything that comes into my mind but I could not organize them into something that would make sense. So unlike me rather, as my mind and my finger tips are blessed … Continued

A Call to Faith In Action

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This is an urgent call for your prayers and FAITH in ACTION for all those with a heart to help our sick brothers and sisters in Christ. Leukemia Patients Arlene Bismanos, Paolo Luces and Michelle Cuajotor are now in a … Continued

Paolo Luces – Flight Delayed

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Flight Delayed.  Flight delayed: a term often found at the airports, caused by various reasons, i.e. unavailable aircraft, increased airport traffic, poor weather conditions, etc.  Flight delays most often cause inconvenience on the part of the passengers due to missed … Continued