Alice Litao – Thanks for the Help!

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images From: Alicia Litao ( Sent: Sat 8/23/14 3:03 AM To: Information (


K.A. San Jose PicDear Ma’am Pam,


Kamusta na po kayo at ang epcalm? Still recuperating from the loss of our beloved one King Arthur L. San Jose. He’s gone to soon. Yes, we know it…he’s there already, but his untimely death is still a big question in our minds. And really hard to accept that he’s left his mortal life so soon.


Anyway, we would like to say thanks the epcalm for their effort in anyway they could help their patients. Especially to those three beautiful ladies who have come to┬áthe burial of my nephew in Bulacan. We really appreciated it so much and from the sincerity of our hearts…WE THANK YOU! I remember their names as Baby, Emma and the other one I forgot her name. My sister Precy the mother of King Arthur and I will come to visit the office of EPCALM sooner.




Alice Litao