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C. AmbidaA Resolution of Support for the Fun Run against Leukemia and (for) our fellow Batangueno, Mr. Glenn Mayo, was passed and approved (by) the Sangguniang Panlungsod during our February 6 regular session. I was supposed to meet Glenn in person that day, but 2 days (prior to our meeting), he unfortunately passed away taking (away) the chance of us having a conversation.

I didn’t have the chance to talk to him, to meet him. It was early Sunday morning of  February 19 when I drove all by myself from our home to the grounds of PPA to support and participate (in) the fun run organized by the Saint Bridget’s College (SBC) batch ’88, in cooperation with EPCALM. I (had) a hard time getting myself (out of) bed for i had a late night schedule for another fundraising project the day before.

My motivation i guess, came from the belief that the wife and family of Mr. Glenn Mayo, will be needing my 100% support in this one of a kind project.  Being assigned by the Batch Coordinator, Ms. Kristine Balmes, to deliver the Welcome Remarks without voice at all because i barely slept, my husky and distorted voice seemed music to the ears of the family of Mr. Glenn Mayo, as I gave the utmost appreciation of support to the people (who came to support the activity).

Seeing a lot of runners in their  complete running outfit made me think that if and only if Mr. Glenn Mayo (would have) made it (to) the run that day, what a feeling of joy he would have felt. Perhaps (if Glenn would have made it to the event, he would have been “boosted  up” emotionally, seeing the expression of support that his fellow Batangueno’s gave to the event organized for him). Who knows? maybe (Glenn was) just around the corner (during) that time. The good thing is the emotional strength (achieved during the event ) would (now be) passed on to his wife, as well as his children.


After the 3k and 5k (run), the organizers determined the winners.. some got medals, some didn’t.  I am sure (though) that all of the (participants that day) were winners, not in the run, but in great deed. Sweating after (the) run symbolized the hardship (that each) had in the run, equivalent to the hope given not only to the family who benefited from the run but for the call that somehow we could fight Leukemia. Its not that we are giving false hopes (to) the people suffering from Leukemia but somehow letting them feel that we are (partnering with) them in their fight adds spice to their struggling life.

One thing is for sure, they are all winners by heart. Fact is the fun run generated money to assist Sir Glenn’s family but the more trivial one is the friendship and camaraderie formed during the event that in some way we could be a warrior for another’s battle, we could be a candle of hope and we could be a runner by heart. The speech of gratitude from Glenn’s family with shaky voice and teary eyes seemed melodramatic  but the ironic side of it is that the event  put a big smile on people’s faces. It was both beneficial to both parties:  the family on financial and emotional assistance , runners on their social obligation  for letting them be an instrument to help the needy.

I may have not met nor talked to Sir Glenn ever but i know wherever he is right now, he is happy, he is smiling for many people knew his worth and people will continue living the legacy he left to people… having people unite for a reason, for a cause.. Long Live Batanguenos!

by Claudette Ambida

Mar 12, 2012 8:07 PM

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