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Filipinos are known to be such happy people and we often laugh about our woes and troubles. However, this may not be the healthiest way of dealing with grief. If you haven’t watched the movie Inside Out, they pretty much deconstructed emotions (Way to go, Pixar, you just made emotions have emotions!) how sadness is essential to our lives and we just need to have a different perspective on how to handle it.

Often, we sweep grief or sadness under a rug – we’re told to just “cry it out” or “drink it away” and it seems to be expected that we would just forget all about it. This is a very dangerous way of handling grief. I should know, I suffered through depression when I was younger and I wish I knew now what I knew then on how to handle grief.

EPCALM, a non-profit organization has been holding a grief seminar/convention for 3 years now. Understanding Grief for this year, on its third year, focuses on imparting knowledge on how teens and kids can handle grief.


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