My battle has just begun – Sarah Moral

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th-9Exactly 16 days ago, I was diagnosed with Leukemia. Despite all the tests, medications, complications and even the first chemotherapy I recently went through, the thought of having Leukemia hasn’t really sunk in yet. Everything just happened so quickly. Cliché as it sounds, that’s how it was literally for me. When the diagnosis was disclosed to me, I saw my life slowly crumble right in front of me. But I knew I had to look strong for my family so I kept it all inside.

Perhaps like anybody in the same situation as mine would, I asked God why this had to happen to me, and why it had to happen now. I feel guilty for questioning His will, but that’s human nature I guess. When I was confined in the hospital, I realized how blessed I was for the past 31 years of my life. I was given the chance to finish Medicine and become a doctor even if the finances was a huge challenge for me and my family. Right after my residency training, I passed the diplomate boards. The earnings I was getting from my clinics were more than enough for a new specialist like me.

In October last year, I was granted a full scholarship for a fellowship training in Japan. More than the training, the 6 months I spent in Japan was exceptional to say the least; it’s a chapter in my life I would forever cherish having been blessed with good mentors and new friends. Immediately after coming back to the Philippines, I was receiving several referrals from my consultants. I was beginning to practice my sub-specialty while writing research papers with my professors in Japan. I even got another invitation to go back to Japan to present my paper on October.

I was beginning my life as a full-pledged specialist. Everything was going perfectly well. I have been so blessed. This sickness is all but just a tiny part of God’s great plan for me. I am holding on to Him through this battle. He will not give me a trial that I cannot surpass. What I’m going through right now is just a temporary set back, a stopover, a time to slow down, a time to appreciate my family more, a time to realize that a lot of people will go an extra mile for me. I have no reason to grieve because I am overwhelmed by the love and support that I am getting from my best friends, friends from different eras of my life, colleagues, consultants, sorority sisters and fraternity brothers, and people I barely know. I am blessed because of you all. Your genuine love uplifts my spirit. My gratitude will never be enough.

And now, my battle with Leukemia begins. I know you will all be with me in prayer. I am not losing hope.


by Sarah Moral on Thursday,

July 14, 2011 at 7:55pm

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