Believing that God is the only Hope of every Leukemia victim and their families, this arm’s main thrust is for victims and their families to be reconciled and strengthened in their journey through the disease, recognizing that in all things God works for the good. This arm aims to provide fresh hope and renewed vigor through EPCALM partners who would provide prayer, counseling and visitations of cheer, love, a helping hand and good news.  

1.1      Pastoral Care Ministry

The Pastoral Care Ministry aims to provide help, care, counseling, prayer and pastoral support for Leukemia victims.   EPCALM hopes to be there to listen, support, encourage and journey with the patient and their families throughout the course of the disease.

The Pastoral Care Ministry hopes to look after the personal and social wellbeing of patients and their families during their journey through Leukemia. 

1.1.1     Home/Hospital Visitation Ministry

This Ministry envisions to provide spiritual, physical and mental care to patients and their families while each journeys through complete wholeness . 

1.1.2     Pastoral Support and Counseling Ministry

Pastoral Support and Counseling hopes to establish a helping relationship as patient’s journey through Leukemia, by addressing their spiritual, emotional and psychological needs.  

1.1.3     Prayer Ministry

EPCALM hopes to prayerfully journey with the patients. With constant prayers, patients will have a continuous link to God. 

1.1.4     Patient’s Family Ministry

This ministry aims to provide spiritual strength, support and guidance to the patient’s family, so that they in turn can be strong for the patient.    

In all program components of Pastoral Care, prayer is integrated.  The Foundation’s spiritual arm serves as the foundation’s major distinction.

1.2     Pastoral Linkages Ministry

The Pastoral Linkages Ministry is the support group of the Pastoral Care Ministry.  This ministry will foster relationships with different organizations and networks to help in providing pastoral care to patients and their families. 

The networks that will be established are as follows:

1.2.1    EPCALM Intercessors Network

Network of volunteers who will conduct home and/or hospital visitations doing intercessory activities for the patients and their families.

1.2.2    EPCALM Helping Hands Network

Network of volunteers who will conduct  home and/or hospital visitations and lend a helping hand to patients and their families, such as: 

Transportation services
Baby Sitting
Household chores
Grocery Shopping

1.2.3    EPCALM Local Church Partner Network

Network of churches who will provide pastoral care services, i.e. counseling, local prayer ministry, pastoral support and patient and patient families’ ministry.  The local church will also provide for local intercessors.

1.2.4    Friends of EPCALM Prayer Groups Network

List of prayer group volunteers who will pray regularly for patients and their families, based on the prayer bulletins to be prepared and published on a weekly basis.

1.3    Pastoral Services Ministry

Aside from face-to-face patient contact, external services are provided to give support to the Pastoral Care Ministry and offer indirect pastoral services to patients and their families. 

These services are in the form of the following:

1.3.1    EPCALM 24/7 Hotline Service Ministry

A 24-hour, 7 days a week telephone hotline will be established to cater to patients and their families.  Hotline number is: (To be advised)

1.3.2    EPCALM Internet Service Ministry

EPCALM will provide information and regular updates about the activities, programs, prayer requests, patient updates and how to’s in its website at: Separate Twitter and Facebook links will be provided for specific patient discussions.

1.3.3    EPCALM Free Library Ministry

In support of the Pastoral Care Ministry, this ministry will cater to the spiritual and mental well-being of patients and their families, especially while confined to hospitals, through the provision of free reading materials and other media like Scriptural Tracts, Books and Magazines, Bibles, Spiritual VCDs, CDs and DVDs.

1.3.4    EPCALM Food Basket Ministry

Also in support of the Pastoral Care Ministry, this Ministry will provide Food and Fruit Baskets, Flowers and Cards and other give-aways to cater to the physical and mental well-being of patients and their families.