Mischelle’s Choice

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262832_484169501601140_66293618_n-300x225Another group of FEU NSTP students visited Mischelle Cuajotor, Leukemia Patient.  Read more about their experience and the insights they have gained from such visit:

“Life will knock us down, but we can choose whether or not to get back up.”

–Mr. Han (Karate Kid – 2010)

Nothing is impossible – even the most unlikely thing is bound to happen in our lives. It may break and knock us down, but one thing is for sure, God will surely help us overcome the battle and will use others as instruments to guide us. God won’t give up on us, so there’s no reason for us to retreat. And that’s what Mischelle Cuajotor, a Leukemia patient, had shown us last September 8, 2012 (Saturday) – that giving up is definitely not an option.

Mischelle showed us her cheerful and lively side during our visit. She didn’t hesitate to tell us something about her experiences before she was diagnosed with Leukemia and her struggles in coping with her current situation. Mischelle mentioned that she’s a shy person and couldn’t get through a day without working on something. She likes to be outdoors more than to stay at home – and that’s one of the reasons why she loves to work so much: besides being able to help her family sustain their needs, she also got to be elsewhere.

It was devastating for her and her family when they discovered she was inflicted with Leukemia. She was in denial stage during those days and wouldn’t even allow her friends know her real condition. It even came to a point where she was stubborn to take further medication primarily because they didn’t have money. We have observed something from Mischelle during this encounter – that she was very strong in facing such a predicament in her life. We have also noticed that she hides the pain she felt with smiles and laughs. She did admit that she doesn’t want anyone to see her weaknesses; she doesn’t want anyone to pity her, to be sad for her, that’s why she tends to hide all of this and face everything with a smile and hopes that everything will be fine in the long run.

We enjoyed chatting with Mischelle, as she would crack some jokes in between her storytelling to make us feel comfortable. At that time, we sang a song for her entitled “Faith” (Hillsong) and offered her a short prayer. Her main source of strength is God. She is not afraid to face surging tides because of our Heavenly Father. She believes that there’s a reason why God lets this things happen to her and that He has a plan for her. She is clinging unto the fact that He will never leave her side no matter what – and He won’t, indeed.

“…Faith, I can move the mountain; I can do all things through Christ, I know; Faith, standing and believing; I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…”

– Faith (Hillsong)

“Since we are Psychology major, this NSTP helped me gain the ability to apply the knowledge and skills learned from our subject.”

– Christian Noel P. Olayta

“Problems are just a dust for the people who have a vast of faith, hope and love in their hearts. That is what I saw in Ate Mischelle’s eyes. She is jolly and cheerful, and she even cracked jokes with us. Her sickness never brought her down. She knows that God is good – all the time.”

– Marvee Kate B. Lopez

“I salute Ate Mischelle because despite of all the pain she had experienced, God bathe her heart with His perfect love and that gave her a new vision and hope to be strong in her situation. She had overcome the pain because of the tender loving hand of God. She could start a new life, she can be new. God replaced all the loneliness. I believe that God has a greater plan for Ate Misch, a plan that we can’t imagine – a better plan for a better reason.”

– Mary Michelle A. Guinto

“Ate Mischelle has also helped me realize important things about life. She inspired me to stand firm and look at the bright side of every situation. Sure she was forced to submitting herself to her weaknesses, but she didn’t stay there for long. She kept her faith intact and found the courage to stand up again despite all of these.”

– Rubie Airah L. Corpin

“Patients diagnosed with leukemia approach their treatment with the hope of cure despite the effect on their quality of life. Some patients will be cured, others won’t be able to make it. Staying fit and healthy is very important to us. I have all of that out of the way; Ate Mischelle has struggled throughout her life with many issues. I love the story of Ate Mischelle’s enthusiasm in spite of the obstacles. Even with obstacles she ran her heart out with enthusiasm and determination, I can do.  She has a passion and a drive in her heart that no one can steal. God always showers His blessings upon her.”

– Kimberly Mae B. Taguinod

“In just a short time that was given to us, it gave me the realization and opportunity to see how link between prayers and action can strengthen their life with a deepening process which may take a lifetime, hearing a call from God to put myself in the service of others.”

– Sharmaine T. Rosete

Postscript:  Mischelle joined our Maker last May 2013.

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