This arm upholds God as the Sovereign Healer and rests not on man but on HIM as the blessed assurance for total healing according to His purpose. Through this arm, victims of leukemia will be given guided options for the best medical care and directed to appropriate centers for treatment locally, nationally or internationally, i.e.  Eligible patients might be recommended to known international cancer centers like the National Institute of Health / National Cancer Institute or NIH/NCI in Bethesda, Maryland, USA.

2.1    Medical Care Ministry

The Medical Care Ministry envisions to provide the best medical care, guidance and assistance, as Leukemia patients journey through the disease. 

2.1.1     Medical Assessment, Evaluation, Counseling & Referral

As patients contact EPCALM for help and assistance, this Ministry will provide professional medical services to help in the assessment of the patient’s condition, evaluation of available treatment options, come up with a medical protocol (treatment plan); provide medical counseling and subsequent referral to medical specialists, as required for in the protocol.

2.1.2     Medical Treatment Assistance

Part of the Medical protocol will be deciding what treatments need to be done (i.e. chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant, etc.) on the patients.  This Ministry will assist and guide the Leukemia patients and their families in obtaining the proper care and treatment in affiliated hospitals and medical institutions both nationally and internationally. 

It is the goal of the foundation though to ultimately provide treatment to Leukemia patients in its Adult Leukemia Centers.

2.1.3     Medical Missions and Medical Screening

To raise leukemia and health awareness in the communities, the Foundation aims to hold free clinics in targeted areas.  The free clinics will be an annual activity held every month of May to commemorate the death of Atty. Erwin P. Cabanag. 

2.2    Medical Linkages and Networks Ministry

The Medical Linkages and Networks Ministry is the support group of the Medical Care Ministry.  This ministry will foster relationships and linkages with different Medical Groups and Companies, Hospitals, Medical Facilities and other medical-related organizations, to help in providing medical care to patients.  The networks and linkages that will be established are as follows:

2.2.1     EPCALM Medical Professionals Network

The aim of this network is to establish linkages with medical professionals and organizations, and come up with a registry of medical professionals.  Following are the planned linkages:   

Volunteer Medical Doctor’s Registry
Registry of Hematologists
Registry of Oncologists
Philippine Society of Hematologist / Oncologist Linkage


 2.2.2    EPCALM Hospitals and Medical Facilities Network

Linkages will also be established with Hospitals and Medical Facilities where Leukemia patients can be referred to for treatment.  The aim is to have a nationwide network of accredited hospitals and facilities that can provide primary, secondary and tertiary medical care to patients, as required.  Connections will also be established with specialized international medical institutions, should patients prefer treatment outside of the country.

 2.2.3    EPCALM Ancillary Services Network

Ancillary services are support services other than room, board, and medical and nursing services that are provided to hospital patients in the course of care. Categories are:  diagnostic (laboratory services), therapeutic (therapy services) and custodial (rehabilitative services). EPCALM aims to establish linkages and networks as follows:  Blood Donors Network

A nationwide registry of stand-by blood donors will be created, ready to be tapped as need arises.  Donor data will be kept providing relevant information (i.e. blood type, address, etc.) for immediate patient matching.  Medical Laboratory Linkages

Linkages will also be established with medical laboratories nationwide, which can provide blood screening and testing, laboratory testing and evaluation and other services (e.g. x-rays, imaging, etc.)   Drug Company and Pharmacy Linkages

Linkages to Drug Companies and pharmacies will also be established to ensure that there is a ready source and supply of drugs and medicines that will be made available to Leukemia patients, as needed.   EPCALM Adult Leukemia Centers

A goal of the foundation is to establish Adult Leukemia Centers in strategic locations all over the Philippines.  These centers will provide treatment, medical care, medical testing and screening, laboratories, retreat, recuperation and rehabilitation facilities.

2.3    Medical Services Ministry

To support the Medical Care Ministry, a Medical Services Ministry will be established.  This ministry aims to make available needed professional, diagnostic, therapeutic and custodial supplies and services to Leukemia patients.

 2.3.1    EPCALM Blood Bank

As Leukemia is a disease of the blood, the aim of this service is to provide a steady supply of blood and its components.  Since Leukemia as a disease, is a race against time, it is important that blood is immediately available, when and where required.  As such, blood banks will be established in the Leukemia Centers and a registry will be maintained of possible blood donors, to ensure ready and available blood supply.  

 2.3.2    Professional Medical Services

The aim of this service is to refer patients to medical professionals who will provide professional medical care and services needed in the care and treatment of Leukemia. 

The foundation though will endeavor to establish a network of medical professional volunteers and workers who can provide free medical services to underprivileged patients.

2.3.3     Medicines and Medical Products Services

In support of the medical care ministry, this service aims to source out medicines and medical products needed in the treatment of Leukemia.  The foundation will endeavor to tap its Drug Company and Pharmacy Linkages to have sources of medicines and medical products available to Leukemia patients. 

The goal in the future is to provide free medicines and medical products to underprivileged patients.

 2.3.4    Medical Tests/Screening Services

Medical testing and screening services will be made available through the Medical Laboratory Linkages.  Treatment of Leukemia requires tests and screenings to be performed ever so often.  With an available laboratory network, tests could be done real time and results could be provided to the doctors handling the leukemia patients.

Free Medical tests and screening will be provided during the medical missions and in the future to be provided in the Adult Leukemia Centers.

 2.3.5    Medical Treatment, Retreat, Recuperation & Rehabilitation Services

The vision of the foundation is to establish Adult Leukemia Centers that can provide treatment, medical care, medical testing and screening, laboratories, retreat, recuperation and rehabilitation services.

The goal is also to provide free services to underprivileged patients.