Lukas, “Bearer of Light” is coming

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Lukas Andrew Nelson- meaning ‘Bearer of light”, “manly”, “son of the champion” is coming to the Philippines to join EPCALM in its mission to help  Adult Leukemia patients and their families journey through the disease.

Following is Nelson’s personal bio-data and realization of what he intends to do moving forward, with EPCALM benefitting from his commitment and passion to serve:

“…The name given to me in March of 1985 by my Father, Lloyd, and my Mother, Terri, has come to give me great understanding and goals for my life.  Since youth, my Father has given me direction in many things, always with a mind toward my spiritual development.  Being always intimately involved within a non-denominational Christian church (Calvary Chapel), was an essential part of my life since memory until adolescence.

Starting in the 7th grade, my Father and Step-Mother (Angie) decided it best to invest in private Christian schooling for me, and enrolled me into Tacoma Baptist Schools.  A place balancing college prep education with Biblical discernment served me very well.  Graduating high school there in 2003, I entered the college and working world of America. Like many people may find as they continue to search for their place in this world, I have since been to 3 colleges and worked many jobs.  I have attended Pacific Lutheran University, Pierce Community College, and Bates Technical College (fire service and EMT-Emergency Medical Technician training).

As employment goes, I have been a banker, a delivery driver, a restaurant shift manager, a commercial waste driver, an aerospace assembly mechanic, and others.  All schooling and potential careers past seem to be opportunities lost at times, but The Lord our God reached out to me in a special way in 2010. Being single, degreeless, jobless, and returning to live again with my parents, I began for the first time in my life to see myself as ‘down and out’, by the worldly standards of the measure of life…

That is when His Will sparked the fire in my heart, and I knew, once and for all, that all things truly happen for a reason.  I now know that any training I have ever received may be applied, in ways previously unseen, toward the furthering of the Holy Kingdom of Heaven on earth.  Having always been moved by concern for my fellow mankind, I now know that Good is happening regardless of our will and stature, it is only our decision to be involved or separated from the inevitable. Yeshua Hamashiach- Jesus the Christ, having been given the keys to heaven, made himself available as a servant to every single man who seeks him; know that I wish strongly and truly to model my life as such.  I pray that any individual who will ever meet me may recognize me as a brother, a helper, and a friend, who works with all heart, soul, and might for the everlasting Kingdom of God.  All blessing, thanks, and praise be to Adonai Elohenu- TheLord/Supreme Master, our God, forever. Amen….”

Let us welcome Lukas into the EPCALM fold.  He will arrive in the Philippines on Nov. 24, 2011.

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