Leukemia’s Storms of Life: Learn….Act…..Give

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5 days to Martin Nievera’s 3D2 Concert


Concert King Martin Nievera dubbed himself as the “King of Grief” during his heartfelt rendition of soothing songs to participants during the Grief Management Seminar last 10 May 2013 at the St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City organized by the first and only Adult Leukemia Foundation of the Philippines, EPCALM (Erwin Piedad Cabanag Adult Leukemia Ministries).

The goal of the seminar was to help Filipinos understand grief and spur similar grief management activities nationwide. After six months, we now see the Philippines stricken by immeasurable grief in the aftermath of super typhoon Haiyan (local name “Yolanda”), reported to be 3.5 times stronger than hurricane Katrina and the strongest typhoon ever recorded to hit land, on this planet.

Grief is written all over the country, and it sinks deep into the core of who we are. Every citizen is called to respond. We can’t turn a deaf ear or have a heart of stone as we hear the loud cry for “HELP” from our grieving kababayans.

We hear your cries, wounded brothers and sisters in the Visayas!  The nation and the world has responded in overflowing measure through various gifts of love, talents, resources and most of all, precious time spent to empathize, show compassion, and spare a moment in prayer for the recovery of the typhoon-ravaged areas. With every disaster we face, we immediately see the resilience and strength of the Filipino in the midst of turbulence, as the “bayanihan spirit” that we are known for shines through.

storms of lifeNow, heroes of the Philippines, please hear the feeble cries of our wounded kababayans randomly scattered throughout the nation—stricken by the disaster called LEUKEMIA (cancer of the blood).

The intensity of their suffering outweighs the aftermaths of Yolanda, Pablo, Ondoy, Sendong. An intensity not easily shared through video footage and news clips to stir national and global attention. Leukemia is a devastation that is often suffered in quiet isolation. Patients whimper and cry, but no one hears them.

Yet, they are not nameless.  They are dads, moms, grandpas and grandmas, daughters and sons, uncles, aunts, and/or dear friends.  They hold high (or low) positions in society: physicians, paramedics, nurses and rescuers, lawyers, engineers, musicians and performers, aspiring barristers, overseas workers, housewives/househusbands —and many, many more.

These are the victims of leukemia, waiting for a hand to help, seeking for answers, remedies, and hope. These are the EPCALM-serviced patients. EPCALM aims to be a vehicle through which patients afflicted with leukemia will experience God’s love and faithfulness through spiritual, physical and emotional nourishment as they journey towards wholeness.

EPCALM needs you to make this all happen. Because one leukemia “hit” affects not only the patient himself, but his/her immediate family and the community, as well.

Friends and relatives who hear their story respond with acts of kindness—great and small—that bring them hope. The suffering leukemia patient and his family experience the outpouring of Christian love and generosity, so much like what we see as a nation during natural disasters. But then, they don’t know when the storms in their life will stop. In reality, they see it come around quickly, hitting them even harder as if with a vengeance. Our weak and suffering kababayans are defenseless. Friends and relatives slowly fade away taking with them the only hope and even dignity for life that the leukemia patient has left.

EPCALM braves the stigma of the disease.  We support the patients—to edify God as the Hope, the Healer and the Provider, so that our wounded kababayans will journey through their disease with less fear and more hope. We implore upon your kind and generous souls to join us in action.

“Music is my medicine, my drug of choice.”  This was Martin’s candid remarks between his songs for the EPCALM-organized Grief Seminar in May. Martin rose above his own grief to give his “drug of choice”—his gift of music to EPCALM.

Now, Martin Nievera—the self-proclaimed “King of Grief”—once again offers his gift of music. He commits his “Tatlong Dekada Anniversary Concert, The Repeat” to victims of disaster, by natural calamity or by disease, and other related charities. Martin gives his healing voice to a hurt nation.


learnLEARN …

 Leukemia is the No. 4 cancer site in the Philippines

 Anyone can be a victim of leukemia

 At present, health care providers in government and non-government agencies exclude leukemia because of the high cost of care, with no guarantee for cure

 Leukemia patients need your help.

 YOU can do something to contribute to their recovery.

When Martin Nievera heard of EPCALM, he immediately answered the call to action.  He offered himself.  Martin sees his talent as a vehicle to help others. EPCALM’s music ministry is made alive by Martin’s selfless offer of his God-given talent, which is now a spiritual gift meant for others. You can join him, too.


actACT …

 Support Martin’s advocacies. Catch him at the Smart Araneta Coliseum on Friday, 22 November 2013. Your presence in this concert means you have heard the weak cries and whimpers of our wounded kababayans. Let’s help them rise again. Let’s be the audience to carry Martin’s healing voice to a hurt nation.

 Purchase Martin Nievera’s Christmas Album, “My Christmas List”, in which EPCALM has made a special edition. It includes local and international songs, some written straight from Martin’s heart. Also included are faith-building songs: “In Christ Alone” and “Lift Up Your Hands”.  It also features “I Am Yours,” written by Martin’s eldest son, Robin.  This poignant song is sung by Martin and his sons Robin and Ram.

 Purchase EPCALM’s all-occasion greeting cards that carry the message of hope, love, peace, joy.

 Be counted.  Sign up as an EPCALM Volunteer, or be a Member of “Friends of EPCALM”.


giveGIVE …

Don’t let this chance pass to help conquer grief in many shades. Share of yourself.  Get involved.

EPCALM invites you to make this your first charity, or a welcome addition to your many advocacies.

Be a participant, a messenger, an ambassador.  Be a conduit of God’s blessing by sharing of your time, talent and resources.

Give…for God entrusts us with a little to see what we can do with a lot.

Don’t wait for a second call.

Learn.  Act.  Give.  NOW!  It is always a joy to pay it forward.

Thank you for helping us write the history of EPCALM as it impacts on the stories of each individual patient we serve. Watch how your life story is written beautifully because you shared.  As our Lord has said, “Whatsoever you do to the least of your brothers, that you do unto me.”

EPCALM delights to partner with you—for others.

God bless you and your business more.  To GOD be the GLORY!

Visit www.epcalm.org.

Find us in Facebook and Twitter.

Landline: (632) 723.1058

Hotlines: 09328548459



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