Kit Dechavez – A Wife’s Cry For Help

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Michelle Ann Fernandez-Dechavez, writes a plea to the kind-hearted.  See her letter below:

“… (When) I found out (that) my husband Kitz had leukemia last November 2012, my whole world crumbled. I was 4 months pregnant with a sick husband whom I am married to for only a year. I had to be strong for the both of them, and I did. 

Despite the financial burden, the help of friends and family saw us through four chemotherapy sessions. I gave birth to our son last April and thought things have gotten better since Kitz went into remission. 

Just days before his 5th and final chemo this July, we found out that he relapsed and would need an immediate bone marrow transplant. The cost is estimated at a staggering 6 million pesos. 

Giving up has never been an option. Kitz is a good person, a wonderful husband, a selfless friend, and has barely experienced being a father to our 3 month old son Elijah Rafael. 

We are asking for solicitations to augment the funds we need for the transplant. You could be an instrument of hope to our cause and help save my husband, my little boy’s father. I believe in the goodness of humanity, and I refuse to give up without a fight. Please help us fight cancer.

May God bless your generous heart….”

To help, please contact the EPCALM office at (632) 723-1058 or cellphone:  (63) 9228372169, look for PAM or Anna, or contact them directly.

Postscript: Kitz joined our Maker last 2013.

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