Jessel Dancel-Hsu

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Jessel at Heart Center

Jessel with brother Manuel (left) and EPCALM Executive Director Cesar Dumogho (center)

As soon as Manuel Dancel found out that his sister, Jessel Dancel Hsu was diagnosed to have leukemia, he wasted no time in searching for avenues of help and cure for his beloved sister.

When one gets diagnosed with a dreaded disease, the sick gets strength from the love of family manifested by the way the closely knit Filipino family is drawn even closer together to do everything they can against all odds to find ways to bring relief to a loved one in distress. Such is a family’s love. Such is the Filipino. Such is a brother’s love. Manuel’s search for possible external sources that may be able to help his sister led him to EPCALM’s website.

Jessel’s story is now revealed, from Manuel to EPCALM and now to all of you readers out there with a heart to help.

XMAS2010 Tarlac 062Jessel Dancel Hsu is a 34 year old housewife diagnosed to have Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) on July 5, 2011. She is now admitted at the Philippine Heart Center for ongoing chemotherapy. Jessel is the mother of two boys, a five and a two year old. She used to be employed but her position was declared redundant by the company she worked with. Her husband is a call center agent.

This is just the start of Jessel’s long journey with this dreaded disease. She already had her first induction chemotherapy to bring her into remission. And she is looking forward to be a bone marrow transplant recipient to go for cure. As we all know, chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant are costly. Her brother Manuel was in active search to seek help for Jessel and found EPCALM through the internet.

Now, EPCALM cannot just give Jessel a deaf ear. EPCALM is now commissioned to be part of Jessel’s journey. Immediately, EPCALM executive director Cesar Dumogho and outreach director Pastor Norma Manuel visited Jessel at the Heart Center.

Jessel with ED Cesar Dumogho

Jessel with EPCALM Executive Director Cesar Dumogho

Jessel was delighted at the visit which raised her hopes that now, she is no longer journeying alone with her immediate family, but now the burden is shared with her bigger family in Christ… EPCALM, and everyone out there with the heart to respond to this cry of need. The first and foremost request of Jessel’s family is prayer for healing for Jessel. May we be blessed as we pray and journey with Jessel and her family.

We stand on our mission to help every patient acknowledge that God is the HOPE, the HEALER and the PROVIDER through our three arms of service: Spiritual, Medical and Financial. Let us be what God intended us to be, a Bridge to LIFE for JESSEL. Her life is in God’s hands and we rejoice that we have been called to participate in Jessel’s journey.

We share this privilege to everyone out there. Be a blessing, extend a helping hand. Remember, in God’s eyes there is no least coin. Any amount you give will be returned to you a thousand fold. Be a donor. Be a volunteer. Be involved.

Click on the donate button to contribute to Jessel’s medical fund.

Postscript:  Jessel joined our Maker in 2011.

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