The arm of the Foundation that truly believes and stands that God is the Provider. This arm will be the financial life of the Foundation. Programs and its program components and projects will be set to help patients and their families raise funds for their medical needs.  It’s not just giving out the “fish” to the patients but to teach them how to fish.  A website will be set up specifically to provide information and guidelines to would be beneficiaries of funding, to allow for worldwide opportunities for aid, to fund the victims’ requirements.  This arm will develop connections with charitable institutions like the PCSO or private sectors in the Philippines as well as US based Organizations and Foundations to aid in the growing needs of the Foundation.

3.1    EPCALM Funds Ministry

The Foundation will implement several fund-raising and fund-sourcing programs to help finance and fund the various Spiritual and Medical Ministries, and also assist patients in generating funds to finance their individual treatment plans.

3.1.1      Friends of EPCALM Fund

Is a fund that will be largely generated from membership contributions and donations from individual, organizational and corporate members who have signified their intention to support the foundation through regular or one-time contributions to the fund.

EPCALM membership certificates, plaques and pins will be given to donors, indicating enrollment to the Fund.

3.1.2      Tree Planting Fund (Adopt-a-Watershed and Reforestation Program)

One of the advocacies that the Foundation is supporting is environmental awareness, protection and preservation.  To push forward with this advocacy and at the same time generating funds for the Foundation, a tree planting fund will be set up.  In coordination with the local and provincial governments, EPCALM will generate environmental awareness through the several tree-planting events that it will sponsor throughout the year.  Schedule of events will be in accordance with the Philippine Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) and the Department of Health (DOH) annual calendar of events, as follows:

World Water Day (Month of March)
Philippine Earth’s Day (Month of April – Proclamation No.1481)
Ocean Month (Month of May – Proclamation No.57)
World Environment Day (Month of June)

Tree Certificates will be given to local, provincial, national and international sponsors who signify their intention to adopt-a-tree.

3.1.3     Fun Run/Walk for a Cause

Another advocacy that the Foundation is supporting is a healthy lifestyle.  As such, the Foundation will sponsor an annual Fun Run/Walk for a Cause.  Sponsors will be match every kilometer walked/run with a corresponding donation.

3.1.4     Concerts

Concerts will also be sponsored to promote Leukemia awareness.  Local and International Christian Singing stars will be invited.

3.1.5     Advertisements

The foundation will also seek paid Print and Web advertisements to its web site: and EPCALM Newsletter.

3.1.6     Patient Fund-Raising Programs

The Foundation will spearhead the individual fund-raising efforts of the Leukemia Patients.  EPCALM will provide planning, execution, administrative and logistical support to the various fund-raising programs that the patients and their families are pursuing.  Ultimate goal of these programs is to generate enough funds needed for a bone marrow transplant.

The EPCALM guiding principle is helping the patients and their families to help themselves.  By involving the patient’s family and their immediate community and friends, EPCALM hopes to strengthen the bonds and relationships that are needed to support the patient while he/she journeys through the whole course of the disease.

Following are the programs that will be done for and in behalf of the patient:  Donation Drive

A tri-media campaign will be launched for and in behalf of the Leukemia patient.  This drive will be geared towards getting local, national and international donations for the individual patients.  Local, National and International Radio interviews, television spots and advertisements and written articles in the EPCALM newsletter, EPCALM webpage and newspapers will be undertaken.  Patient Facebook and twitter accounts will be launched.  Fund-Raising Campaigns

Community involvement and participation is the goal of these fund-raising campaigns.  The “Bayanihan Spirit” is a unique virtue that distinguishes Filipinos from other cultures.  EPCALM hopes to bring back the bayanihan spirit through community involvement unity and cooperation in support of the Leukemia patients. Community townhalls, fund-raising events and functions will be organized to generate community involvement.

3.2   Fund Partnerships and Linkages Network

EPCALM have no internally generated funds to finance its operations.  Funds to run the foundation and finance the services provided to patients have to be generated through sponsorships and donations.  Following are the networks and linkages that will be relied upon to bring funds to the Foundation:

3.2.1    EPCALM Donors Network

A network of local, national and international donors and sponsors who have signified their intention or pledged to support the mission, vision, values, objectives and programs of the EPCALM Foundation.  These will be individual donors who will be called upon to support the fund sourcing programs of the Foundation, by becoming Friends of EPCALM; and providing financial support for the Foundation’s various fund-raising and advocacy programs and activities.

3.2.2     Corporate, Academe, Government and NGO Network

This network will be composed of Organizational, Governmental and Corporate donors, sponsors, supporters and advertisers who will be called upon to support the fund sourcing programs of the Foundation, by contributing to the Friends of EPCALM fund;  providing financial support for the Foundation’s various fund-raising and advocacy programs and activities.

 The network will be composed as follows:  National Government Departments and Agencies

To be established.  Local Government Units

To be established.  Non-Governmental Organizations

To be established.  Schools and Universities Linkages

To be established.  International Funding Agencies

To be established.  Private Corporations

To be established.  EPCALM Affiliate Foundations Network

To be established.

3.2.3    Tri-Media Partnerships Network

A tri-media network will be established locally, nationally and internationally to help draw attention, awareness and support for the Foundation and its patients.  The network shall be composed of the following:  Print Media Partners

To be established.  Radio Media Partners

To be established.  Television Media Partners

To be established.

3.2.4    EPCALM Fund-Raising Volunteers Network

A network of volunteers who will help to raise funds for the Foundation and individual patients, through the different fund sourcing programs.

3.2.5    Friends of EPCALM Network

This is the Foundation’s individual memberships and Organization Linkages Umbrella Network that brings together the different networks found in the three (3) arms of the foundation, as follows:

EPCALM Intercessors Network
EPCALM Helping Hands Network
EPCALM Local Church Partner Network
Friends of EPCALM Prayer Groups Network
EPCALM Medical Professionals Network
EPCALM Hospitals and Medical Facilities Network
EPCALM Ancillary Services Network
EPCALM Donors Network
Corporate, Academe, Government and NGO Network
Tri-Media Partnerships Network
EPCALM Fund-Raising Volunteers Network

This network will be composed of volunteers and partners who will provide their financial, physical, mental and spiritual resources needed in the implementation of the various programs and activities of the Foundation in its Spiritual, Medical and Financial Arms.

3.3    Financial Services Ministry

In support of the Pastoral Care Ministry, the Medical Care Ministry and the fund sourcing programs, a Financial Services Ministry will be established.  This ministry aims to make provide auxiliary financial services to the Foundation as a whole and to the Leukemia patients and their families in particular.

EPCALM aims to promote awareness, provide legal services, rehabilitate patient families, set up Cancer stores, publish a regular newsletter and provide hospitality services to patients and their families during patient treatments and hospitalization.

These services are detailed as follows:

3.3.1    EPCALM Awareness and Promotion Campaign

To generate awareness and interest in the goals, mission, vision, objectives and programs of the Foundation, EPCALM will pursue advocacies, participate in national events, spearhead a nationwide symbolic torch lighting, advertise, hold contests and competitions, to name a few.  Healthy Lifestyle Advocacy

Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle advocacy is EPCALM’s way of endorsing the slogan: “….Prevention is always better than the cure…”  By advocating a healthy lifestyle, the Foundation hopes to lessen the number of causes that might lead one to contract the disease.  Participation in Annual National Events

In support of the Philippine Government’s drive to promote health awareness through the Department of Health (DOH), The Foundation will actively participate in DOH-sponsored events, as follows:

 National Cancer Awareness Week (Month of January)
World Cancer Day (Month of February)
World Blood Donor Day (Month of June)
National Blood Donors Month (Month of July)
Health Education Week (Month of October)
Cancer Pain Awareness Month (Month of November)
Candle and Torch Lighting ( Month of May) in preparation for the National Torch Run   EPCALM National Torch Run

A symbolic EPCALM National Torch Run will also be initiated to signify the passing of the light of the “Torch of Hope, Healing and Provision”.    Torches will be brought and lit in places where EPCALM will establish links where the Foundation’s spiritual, medical and/or financial arms will have activities and programs.

This symbolic Torch lighting of EPCALM signifies that from now on, we carry God’s light and healing to be passed on to every corner of this nation and even beyond.  Ads Campaign

 The Foundation will also pursue focused advertising with local and national media to ensure proper media coverage of the Foundation, in the hope of creating awareness to EPCALM’s Mission, Vision, Values, Goals and Objectives.  EPCALM Poster Making Contests

To develop Leukemia Awareness, the Foundation aims to sponsor Annual Poster Making contests.  Target would be public and private elementary and high schools, especially in the communities and localities touched by EPCALM.

 Winning entries will be used by the Foundation as greeting cards, calendars, give-aways, and other media.  Art Competitions

Art competitions will also be conducted in various media – oil, acrylic, watercolor pastel paintings, mixed art, sculptures, etc.  This will be open to high school and college students.  Art Shows will be sponsored by the Foundation where the different works of art will be displayed.

3.3.2     EPCALM Legal Services

A legal services group will be established by the Foundation to handle any/all of its legal services requirements, i.e:

 Donor agreements
Linkages agreements
Accreditation agreements
Deeds of Donation
Donors Last Will of Testament




To name a few.




3.3.3      Family Rehabilitative Services

EPCALM believes that the leukemia patient is not the only victim in this situation, but his or her own family as well.  Much more if the patient is the sole breadwinner in the family.  Most families in this situation are not prepared to face and to cope up not only on emotional needs but also with their economic situation.

Rehabilitative services come in three different phases: relief, rehabilitation and development.  Approach will be on a case-to-case basis, depending on the family’s economic situation.  The Social Worker case study intake report will be the primary basis of the intervention needed to be done.

This program embodies the advocacy of Atty. Erwin P. Cabanag himself while he was still alive, to help and be a blessing to the poor families as well as individuals who are in need.

 The program components focuses primarily on rebuilding the family’s shattered lives during the course of the disease and thereafter.  EPCALM Educational Assistance

Depending on the financial status of the patient, the Foundation aims to offer educational assistance to the children of Leukemia patients.  EPCALM aims to provide hope in times of despair by letting the children of the patients continue on or have the opportunity to get proper schooling.  Scholarship Linkages and Facilitation

Linkages will also be established with other foundations and academic institutions offering Educational scholarships, so that these could be offered to the children of leukemia victims.  Career Counseling

 In partnership with the Servants in Faith and Technology (SIFAT), Philippines, career counseling services can be given to the children of leukemia patients through the Student Empowerment for Excellence and Development (SEED) program.  The patient’s children will be given career guidance, as they approach the tertiary level to determine career options either in college or through vocational (technical) education.  Livelihood Training

Livelihood training will also be provided to the patient’s family who have limited or no means of livelihood due to the incapacity or demise of the patients.  Small Business Financing (thru micro-finance)

Same as Livelihood training above, the foundation will assist in obtaining funding (through micro-financing) to the patient families small business ventures.  Social Services Intermediary and Facilitation

This program aims to assist the spouses of diseased leukemia victims who are in need of the basic and necessary assistance for her/his family.  Assistance will be provided by the foundation, to enable the spouses to avail of the provisions of Republic Act No. 8972 (approved since November 7, 2000), which is an Act providing  for benefits and privileges to solo parents and their children, by appropriating funds thereof and for other purposes.

3.3.4    EPCALM Cancer Stores

EPCALM Cancer stores will be established to serve as retail centers for the EPCALM Corporate give-aways and souvenirs, retail items, donation and membership receipt outlets and holding other EPCALM-related activities.

3.3.5     EPCALM Corporate Souvenirs

Corporate Souvenirs will also be produced for Corporate sponsors and donors who have signified their intention to support the Foundation.  EPCALM T-shirts, polo shirts, mugs, calendars, posters, postcards, greeting cards and other items will be made available to these sponsors, upon receipt of order. This project will not only serve as an awareness and promotion tool, but also serves as fund raising project.

3.3.6     EPCALM Newsletter

Aside from the EPCALM web page, an EPCALM Newsletter will be published to provide articles, program/activity updates, patient profiles/updates, fund drives, announcements, advertisements, etc.

3.3.7     EPCALM Hospitality Services

This program’s primary concern is the provision of temporary housing accommodations for the patients and their family members/companions (particularly those from the province), while they are undergoing medical treatment in Manila and/or while processing of their medical documents as well as travel documents for their international medical trips.