EPCALM Valentine’s Mug

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Mug-with-plantChoose a valentine gift that will last a lifetime.  EPCALM MUGS are available for PURCHASE at the EPCALM Office. With each item that you purchase, you help bridge the lives of the afflicted into wellness.  Call (632) 7231058 for your orders. Delivery can be arranged.

Each mug comes with a live herb to signify that health and wellness is for everyone and that we can help one another uphold health and respect life through the mobilization of our resources.

These mugs were designed and crafted by cardiologist Johnel Candava, MD who had preleukemia and underwent bone marrow transplant. See www.epcalm.org for his story. With each mug that you purchase at P250 you have contributed to the fight against leukemia so that others may live.


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