EPCALM Holds Monthly Prayer Cell

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With the objective of sustaining spiritual renewal and growth, EPCALM has been holding a Prayer Cell every month, the main focus of which is to pray for one another, especially for EPCALM patients and their families.

Launched in September 2012, the  monthly EPCALM Prayer Cell is a time of worship, fellowship and prayer. Through the Prayer Cell, EPCALM comes together to: Meditate and reflect on a specific theme each month, with the end-goal of becoming better disciples of Jesus Christ; Unite in prayer for each other; andPrayerfully plan and identify ways to reach out to others.

The EPCALM Prayer Cell believes that prayer makes a difference.  We believe that prayer should be our first response; not our last resort.  We want to see EPCALM become a dedicated prayer force, praying diligently and seeking God’s face in unity. We seek to identify more prayer partners.

However, it is not restricted to EPCALM members only.  God’s command was to take the gospel to the lost, and serve those in need. While we prepare a worship theme each month, we listen to God for direction in our prayer focus, and devote time of intercessory prayer for people, places, events, situations and other concerns. Posted below are the Meditation/Reflection articles prepared by Mitch Duran, Head of the Pastoral Care Ministry Program of EPCALM’s Spiritual Arm.





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