BloodWorks: A Testament To The Filipino’s Indomitable Spirit

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604136_378029432282195_710224353_n-300x219Filipinos have a unique character trait that has been carried on through generations, whether it be in the 15th Century, 19th Century or the 21st Century.  This trait has been displayed in the Filipino, whether in the midst of foreign invaders (i.e. Spaniards, Americans), natural calamities (i.e. typhoons, earthquakes, floods, etc.), or even on the personal level, like diseases. Through all natural, man-made or personal calamities, Filipinos have persevered and managed to rise up from the ruins, despite the physical, mental and spiritual denudation that these calamities bring.  Filipinos come out victorious and smiling, even through all the pain, sorrows (loss of love ones) and mental anguish.

Rovil Villas is one such Filipino.  Diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) a few months ago, she and her family have gone out of their comfort zones and have engaged in a “battle” against this debilitating disease.  Undaunted by their lack of financial resources, they utilized their God-given talents; their ability to draw, and use this to their advantage.

Rovil and her sister rose out of their helplessness and focused their energies in designing t-shirts about Leukemia.  This is how BloodWorks was born.  BloodWorks is the Villas’ family’s brand of Leukemia-inspired T-shirts.  What started out originally as a joke has come out to be a revenue-generating venture that has “partially” sustained Rovil’s costs for medical treatments (i.e. chemotherapies) while in the process, creating Leukemia awareness among the family’s relatives, friends, classmates, officemates and other people who have come to know about Rovil’s predicament.

Rovil, mabuhay ka!!!!

Leukemia though is a “draining” disease and Rovil and her family need all the help they can get.  If you want to help out Rovil, you can order one or a couple of her t-shirt designs.

Just visit her facebook page at, or you could call up the EPCALM office at (02) 723-1058 (look for Anna or Emma) or call/text 0932-854-8460 or 0932-854-8461.

You can also say a silent prayer for Rovil and her family on a regular basis, praying for her recovery and good health.

Postscript:  Rovil joined our Maker last April 2013.

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