Bayanihan Celebrations: Through the Eyes of Dance

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th-16The Fernando C. Amorsolo Arts Foundation is sponsoring an afternoon event of the Bayanihan Dance Company’s presentation entitled “Celebrations: Through the Eyes of Dance” on August 24 at 3 PM at the CCP Main Theater.

The Bayanihan Philippine National Folk Dance Company is the oldest dance company in the Philippines. A multi-awarded company, both nationally and internationally, Guillermo Gomez Rivera has called it the “depository of almost all Filipino dances, dress and songs.”

The company was founded in 1957 by Helena Z. Benitez and debuted May 27, 1958 at Expo ’58, the Brussels World Fair responding to the request of then President Ramon Magsaysay. Since then they have made at least 14 major tours to Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, US and the Middle East. It has performed in 6 continents, 66 counties and 700 cities worldwide. They perform folk dances from throughout the Philippinesand from other countries.[1] The group takes its name from the Filipino word bayanihan which means working together for a common good.

In appreciation and recognition of their pioneering efforts and international success in the realm of Filipino dance, the people of the Philippines through the 10th Congress enacted R. A. 8626 declaring the Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company as The Philippines National Folk Dance Company.

Proceeds of the event will go to the different charities that the Amorsolo Foundation is supporting, one of which is the EPCALM Leukemia Foundation of the Philippines.

For more information, please call EPCALM’s landline at (632) 723-1058 or cellphone:  (63) 9228372169, look for PAM or Anna.

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