An Evening Of Hope

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Evening of Hope web 1EPCALM Board of Trustees (BOT) and Executive Committee (ExCom) members, patients, staff and volunteers gathered alike last May 19, 2012 at the Elk’s Club, Makati, for a night of celebration … to celebrate life ….to bring about joy….and to show hope for the afflicted.

The celebration started with the newly formed executive group who will be  charged with executing the different activities and programs of the committees that were formed.  The meeting also inducted in EPCALM’s Honorary Chairman Mr. Lorenzo Ku (See related article – LK joins EPCALM as Honorary Chair), an ardent supporter of the Foundation.

The second part of the celebration was together with the EPCALM patients and their families (click the images to view the Youtube videos):

Lukas Nelson also shared his reflections during his six (6) months stay in the Philippines as an EPCALM volunteer, a few days before his scheduled  return back to his home in Tacoma, Washington, USA.

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